Contemporary artist (camillakoczi.com) with a background in business.


What do you believe creativity stands foR?

 The beauty of art is that it is subjective, versatile and a reflection of what a person has experienced, feels and believes. Every artwork is unique, it tells a story that may either spark a conversation, inspire or provoke. 


Creative expression is powerful, it can impact everyone in a completely different way. It’s difficult to pin-point what creativity stands for, as art can be anything. It’s confusing, and that’s what I love about it.

How do you think WOGART will influence Viennas art scene?

As an artist, I know how challenging it can be to create a network and build a career. I want to be able to support young artists to pursue their passion, by offering them a platform to showcase their talent and to represent their interests by introducing them to new clients. 


Wogart should inspire others to discover new artists and explore new perspectives. I hope to animate people to appreciate and analyze the thought, energy and imagination that artists put into their work. Wogart will keep Viennas citizens and tourists up to date while offering them a space to connect and collect.


What background in ART do you have?

I have been creating art for 15 years and turned it into a profession in 2019. My career began with private sales within Vienna and have since expanded internationally by building a network. I frequently exhibit my artworks locally and took part in collective art shows overseas in collaboration with galleries from Vienna and Madrid. Furthermore, I was featured in international art fairs located in e.g Luxembourg,  have worked with an internationally acclaimed german designer and collaborated with local firms.


For more information and an insight of my work, check out my personal website: www.camillakoczi.com